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    TOMY Teletubbies Aquadraw (18m+)


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    TOMY Teletubbies Aquadraw (18m+) Empty TOMY Teletubbies Aquadraw (18m+)

    Post  WilkVais on Sat Sep 05, 2009 1:09 pm

    Good clean fun - no ink, no brushes, no paint to run!

    Practice Letters! Practice Numbers! Practice Water Shapes!

    A wonderful way to let young children express their vivid imagination through creative play and drwaing!

    The amazing Aquadraw combines their natural fascination with water with the thrill of creating images that magically disappear- so they can just keep on creating over and over again.

    Fill Up!
    Fill the special pen up with water and let the no-mess, drawing with water fun begin!

    Draw and scribble away with the water pen or create your favouite Teletubby scenes on the large, spacious mat.

    Fill the Noo-noo with water and watch the custard splats appear as you roll him all over the mat!

    The fun never ends! See your drawings magically dry and disppear so you can start all over again!


    - Special Pen.

    - Noo-noo.

    - Teletubby Mat approximate size 80cm x 80cm.


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