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    Technological reasons behind increase in travel?


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    Technological reasons behind increase in travel? Empty Technological reasons behind increase in travel?

    Post  jodie on Wed Jul 29, 2009 6:06 pm

    The breakthrough in the modern transport technologies, especially in the field of aviation has lent a complete new meaning to tourism. Travel to even remote destinations has now become a reality. There has been a remarkable increase in the number of long distance journeys by tourists during the past few decades. Today, holidaymakers can be transported a thousand miles or more in a matter of a few hours. Attractive and varied air fares along with classified and improved facilities and better in house services have led to an explosion in air travel.

    Reduction in transport prices has greatly influenced the elasticity of demand for tourist traffic. The tourist market is characterized by a very high price due to elasticity of demand. Recently, the International Union of Official Tourism Organizations (UOTO) has recognized that the co-efficient of elasticity varies in between 1.5 to 2.0. Therefore, a reduction of 10% in the present air fares would lead to a growth of 17 to 22% in tourist traffic.

    For example, tourist arrivals in India have shown a remarkable increase due to a relative reduction in air fare, because as per an estimate more than 90 percent of the foreign tourists arrive in India by air. Thus, the growth of modern tourism is greatly influenced by the development of speedy air transport. During the peak season time Kerala is witnessing a shortage of quality hotel rooms. When considering the demand from tourists for checking into a homestay kerala is leading other destinations.

    Another technological factor which has given a major thrust to modern tourism is the growth of new marketing methods like ‘package tours’. The large-scale organized holiday trips to Kerala take care of all arrangements for transport, accommodation, sightseeing tours etc. It has led to a significant fall in the average price per head per tour. Obviously, this price is much below the price of the trip when planned individually. The opening up of new travel destinations particularly in developing countries like India and also in states like Kerala, creation of new facilities to receive larger flow of tourists, and increasing tourism promotion efforts both by the tourist service enterprises and by official tourist organizations have increased the flow of tourists.

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