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    Gussie Pump & Filter Kit


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    Gussie Pump & Filter Kit Empty Gussie Pump & Filter Kit

    Post  WilkVais on Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:21 am

    Helps to keep the water clean, and provide a healthy environment for your fish to live..

    This is how it works:
    The pump provides the air necessary to keep water moving, which helps to replenish oxygen in the water and it also operates the under-gravel filter plate.

    Air is pushed down the airline tubing, and is turned into tiny bubbles by being forced through the airstone, before going underneath the filter plate.
    The air tries to rise to the surface again, and escapes up through the uplift tube. This action creates a vacuum, and the water in the bowl is forced up through the uplift tube.

    At the top of the tube, is a simple filter cartridge. This contains carbon that helps to clean the water. The water rises up the tube, and is forced through this carbon filter cartridge, where tiny particles of waste are trapped and removed.

    The water then returns back into the aquarium by passing out the top of the filter cartridge!


    - For indoor aquarium use only.

    - Filter Kit for use with all types of Goldfish bowl.

    - Manufacturers instructions and guidance is provided with the product.


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