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    Pilot Green Fuel Saver - More Power, Less Fuel, Lower Emissions


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    Pilot Green Fuel Saver - More Power, Less Fuel, Lower Emissions Empty Pilot Green Fuel Saver - More Power, Less Fuel, Lower Emissions

    Post  WilkVais on Sun Jul 19, 2009 12:45 pm

    The Pilot Green Fuel Saver - More Power, Less Fuel, Lower Emissions. This is the Original, GENUINE, First Quality Pilot Green. Don't accept imitations. The Pilot Green Fuel Saver has the following benefits: * Proven to Lower Fuel consumption, Lower Emissions and give more Power * Does not invalidate vehicle warranty * Over 50,000 sold in the UK * Enjoy a fuel bill saving of approx 6% - 8% * Simple to connect Pilot Green to the fuel inlet close to the engine * Fit to Diesel, Petrol, LPG * No wiring required, no need to cut the fuel line, tie-wraps ensure secure fit * Whenever fuel prices change, down or up, you still SAVE MONEY Simply connect Pilot Green to the fuel inlet (Diesel, Petrol or LPG) close to the engine* and enjoy a saving on your fuel bill of approx 6% - 8%. No Wiring required. CAN YOU AFFORD NOT TO BUY THIS? Suitable for vehicles using liquid fossil fuel (NOTE - if the engine is between 2.5 and 7 Litres, two should be fitted, 10 Litres and above 3 should be fitted), eg: * boats * cars * compressors * lawnmowers * motorcycles * ships - for larger engines please contact us for details * taxis * tractors * vans * winches FLEET Operators. Please contact us for more information. From the manufacturer who has been making Pilot Green for over 10 years We probably tested every device on the net 10 years ago when we first made our device and we only found three that worked reasonably satisfactorily - meaning you would have definitely kept them because you had ca 5% savings. All were between GBP65.00 and GBP137.00. Our latest tests show an average of 7% fuel saving. 10 years ago it was 10% but as the technology has improved so has the saving percentage gone down - but in money terms gone up. Over 50,000 have been sold in the UK. At 93.9p per litre (£4.27 per gallon) and 7% return you will save 6.573p per Litre (29.88p per gallon). When fuel prices go up or down you still SAVE MONEY. Pilot Green shows best results once it has had chance to work over a period of time. Just like bedding in new brakes and needing a couple of hundred miles for them to bed in, Pilot Green will show full benefits after approximately 1100 kilometers (683.23 miles). * If in doubt which is the fuel line, pop over to your local dealer/garage/mechanic who will be able to show you in a matter of seconds. Easy to follow instructions included (Effectively, put Pilot Green around fuel inlet pipe and secure with the tie-wraps provided). TÜV tested. From the Manufacturer: Pilot Green Fitting Instructions Prior to installation of the Pilot Green, it is necessary to know the normal fuel consumption of your vehicle. After driving approximately 1500 kms from installing Pilot Green, a comparison consumption check should be carried out. You will be sure to find an increased performance in power and acceleration. When used to its full capacity, a remarkable reduction in fuel is noticed. To be able to assess the amount of exhaust fumes, two separate emission controls should be carried out, one prior to the installation of the pilot green and one after travelling approximately 2000 kms. This period is required to enable the motor to be cleared of previous formed combustion particles. It is possible that after the installation of the Pilot Green System that the fuel consumption is in fact increased, this is just for a short period in that the System "cleans" the carburettor. Installation of the Pilot Green Firstly the fuel pipe leading to the motor must be identified. Where there are two fuel pipes, one takes the fuel to the motor, the other taking unused fuel from the motor: the Pilot Green system must be installed on the fuel pipe leading TO the motor. If in doubt, check with your garage. The two halves of the relevant Pilot Green model are to be placed over the fuel pipe and tied together with the ties provided. For the best efficiency, the Pilot Green should be installed as near as possible to the carburettor, or to the Fuel Injection system. If the fuel pipe leading to the motor is make out of metal, the Pilot Green will not function. If you are at all unsure what the fuel pipe is made of, hold one half of the Pilot Green to the fuel pipe and if it is made out of metal, you will feel a magnetic pull towards the pipe. We advise however, that this should be carried out by a qualified person as the fuel pipe may be under pressure. Attention! Pilot Green is so constructed that he magnetic field will only operate inside the two halves of the system. This does not apply however if the two halves are separated. It is therefore necessary to avoid any contact with any electronic parts of the vehicle. Guarantee: Unlimited, unless damage is caused through incorrect handling, damages to the Pilot Green parts, or opening the two halves thus providing an interruption to the magnetic field. NB: The two halves do not have to touch or close when fitted. There will or may be a gap depending on the diameter of the fuel pipe.

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