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    IRON MAN for ps3


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    IRON MAN for ps3 Empty IRON MAN for ps3

    Post  WilkVais on Mon Oct 05, 2009 7:57 am

    Platform: PS3

    Format: PAL - This software is only compatible with the PlayStation3 computer entertainment systems displaying the PAL logo. (eg. Not US standard console)

    Publisher: Sega

    Recommended Age: 12+


    After reading the comics and seeing the movie, the game aims to quench consumer thirst for exploring the world of Tony Stark and his adventures as Iron Man. Following the story line of the movie, the game will also include a number of additional locations and villains well known from the comic book series.

    Everything in Iron Man will reflect the action packed, fast paced nature of the movie. Players will be able to become Tony Stark, the multi faceted man inside and outside the Iron Man armour, and make their own decisions which will directly impact the flow and storyline of the game as they play. As Iron Man you will take on enemies from the movie, as well as some additional characters from the Marvel universe, as you engage in the most traditional of all battles - good vs evil.

    * Engage scores of enemies on the ground and in the air. Take on tanks, fighter jets, massive weapon arrays and enemy superheroes with your vast arsenal. You are the world's most powerful high tech weapon.
    * Customise your suit, evolve your weapons and take to the battlefield.
    * Open-ended military battlefields create an unpredictable challenge that keeps the combat dynamic and compelling.
    * Split second decisions during gameplay will affect the storyline, with character reactions altering based on the decisions and choices made by the hero.
    * Only a third of the missions are directly from the movie. The majority of missions have original stories and draw from characters in the Iron Man universe


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